Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Early morning sun.....

......well, early for me. Returning at about 9am from an appointment at the tax office, the castle was bathed in the yellow glow of the rising sun.

So with the new super-duper camera, that I just happened to have with me, I tried to capture the scene but I don't think I've quite managed it.
Anyway, it did look beautiful but I think more practice is required and perhaps a few more early mornings!!.

Looking down Calle Bellavista, here and below.


Anonymous said...

Loving your blog. We're house sitters, and may have the chance to come to Olvera for up to six months. Your blog has convinced us what a great place it would be to live for a while [we already plan to settle our travel base in Cadiz region, torn between Tarifa and Cadiz itself, but Olvera looks a perfect chance to get back in the groove of Spain! We've been travelling full time for over three years now, and always miss Spain when we're not there – we're in Crete right now.

Alan and Anne said...

Dear anonymous. Thank you for your kind comment. Olvera is indeed a beautiful and friendly place. If you get here, please look us up as we'd love to hear about your travel experiences (I'm just a wee bit envious). Best wishes.