Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Morning and evening

A bit of a mixture today. These pictures of the remnants of the autumn mists in the valleys that surround Olvera were taken at about 10.30am this morning. One day, difficult though it may be, I must get up earlier and try to capture the mists as the sun rises.

Looking out over Olvera with the Peñon de la Tahona in the centre of the scene. By now, the temperature had risen to a very pleasant 25°C.

This evening, we drove the short distance to the nearby village of Algodonales to visit the vet and pick up some precautionary flea treatment for Calcetines.

Afterwards, we sat in the pleasant plaza, enjoying a delicious cappuccino and the warmth of the sun before heading home.

The "rear" view of Olvera castle and church taken at about 7.15 this evening.

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