Thursday, 20 December 2012

Happy Ending - Final Feliz

Surely one of the most pleasing phrases that a man can hear from his wife is "What would you say if I suggested a de-clutter of the house dear?". Well, it must have taken about a nano-second to think about before we had filled two boxes with unwanted CD's, DVD's, photo frames, unused ornaments etc, etc.
All in a good cause though as we were donating the items to the "Happy Ending - Final Feliz" dog rescue centre in order that they could be sold to support the great work that they do. The centre is based in the pueblo of El Berrueco, on the A-390 road between Medina Sidonia and Chiclana, about an hour and forty five minutes drive from Olvera. (our route here).
Arriving at about 11.15am, we had to wait for a while for the arrival of Margarita, the owner of the centre, who unfortunately had mislaid her mobile so was not picking up our messages but it was worth the wait.
Inside the compound we could see that the dogs were kept in large, clean and spacious kennels, all awaiting new owners and a new life.
 Even the old boys deserve another chance as do all the others pictured below. 

 It was hard not to resist this lovely girl, found wandering on the main road not too far away but hopefully it won't be long before she finds a loving home.

 This friendly chap has recently found a new owner and will shortly be starting a new life in Chiclana. Many others, through no fault of their own, are just waiting for a chance of a new beginning in a loving home.
The centre depends entirely upon the generosity of the public and the hard work of volunteers so if there's any way that you can help, ideally by rescuing a dog (which would be totally amazing) or by assisting in any of the ways described here on the website, then I'm sure it will be so very much appreciated.  

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