Saturday, 10 March 2012

New Olvera

I posted recently a picture of "Old Olvera" so today a walk to perhaps the newest part of town, near to the Recinto Ferial (Fairground).
There are some beautiful, individually designed houses being built on the plots near to the fairground, which is on the right of picture.
A short walk to just outside the town boundary offers a great view of the castle and church at the top of the old town.

Despite the lush green grass growing in the nearby fields, the campo generally is desperate for a prolonged period of rain.....preferably overnight!.
Looking at the town from the El Gastor road with the I.E.S. Zaframagón (Secondary School) on the right side of picture.

Not long to wait now before we can sit outside on warm Sunday evenings at the Asador Carmina, our favourite venue for delicious roast chicken.
Election fever is in the air with the voting soon to take place for the Andalucian Parliament on the 25th March.
The campaign Smart Car of the Partido Popular (Peoples Party) spotted on the way home.

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