Wednesday, 21 March 2012

El Terril

A walk today in the company of friend Dan up the slopes of the highest point of Seville province, the 1,131 metre peñon of "El Terril", the foothills of which can be seen here.
Pictured here from a previous post, the peñon overlooks the pueblo of Pruna.
After some research on Google Earth, the entry point we chose was nearly opposite the km8 marker on the Pruna - Algamitas road although as seen below the start of the track is not very clear.

Initially the dirt track was quite steep with many loose stones and rocks as it wound upwards through the trees and undergrowth.
However, after about 250 metres of careful climbing, stopping several times to catch my breath and admire the views, the terrain eased a little.

At the top of the trail we reached a plateau where stood a "pluviometro", an old and disused instrument for measuring rainfall.

I know I go on and on about the stunning and beautiful views that surround where we are so fortunate to live but the views were as always........ just stunning and beautiful!!.

We sat for a while enjoying our cheese and tomato rolls, pleasantly counting the sheep as they passed by.
The view looking to Pruna in the near distance with Olvera just visible behind.
It was never our intention to reach the highest point of the peñon, which probably would have taken us three or more hours, but Dan looks like he's perhaps eyeing it up for another day.
The peak of El Terril is seen here on the right of picture in the far distance, so a fair trek ahead had we gone for it.

After a pleasant couple of hours we headed back down to await our lift home. An image of the full route to be conquered perhaps another day can be seen here.

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