Monday, 10 May 2010

May days

I recall our friend Antonio saying back in March that the rains would go on until at least May. Of course, at the time we said no chance, it'll be nice and warm and sunny and we'd be sitting on the terrace reading our books and sipping our glasses of wine.
Well, he was right. We've had overnight rain for the last two nights, continuing with light showers this morning.
A typical scene in Olvera during the rain is the placing of houseplants outside to take advantage of the downpour.

The scene on Avenida Julian Besteiro this morning.

Thankfully, after returning home the skies began to brighten up with temperatures on the terrace at 18°C.

Looking from the terrace towards the pueblo of El Gastor nestling under the mountain.

We've a fairly quiet time this week, no trips out planned. Just waiting for my P60 to arrive and then arrange a visit to the gestor to sort out and make our first spanish tax declaration. So that's something we're really looking forward to !!.

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Russ said...

It is so lovely to see everything so verdant! The weather here in Wisconsin has been miserably cold ("crap-tacular" as a friend described it) for three days. Suddenly this afternoon the clouds cleared, and the temperature (and humidity) shot up dramatically. We're looking forward to our relocation to Florida -- two weeks from today -- where we can count on reliably warm weather. Miss you both!