Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Hop on....

Last year, the Ayuntamiento introduced a free local autobus service in town, reported on the towns website as being used by on average up to 90 persons per day. A welcome addition that has no doubt saved many people a weary walk up to the top of town and also provided access to the medical services and shops located at the bottom of the town for those of us of more mature years.
A recent edition on the streets are bus stops with the route and timings of the service, indicating that the route around town usually takes about thirty five minutes.

We haven't actually used the bus service ourselves yet, prefering to walk as we did this morning to pay our annual taxes at the bank for our car and the daily rubbish collection.
The weather this morning was warm with a few wispy clouds, temperatures about 15°C.

We passed by this house on the corner of Calle Calvario and Calle El Gastor that has recently been completely demolished except for the frontage.

On the way home, looking up to the castle from Calle Mercado. Now, where's that bus when you need it....!!

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