Saturday, 15 May 2010

Magnificent Mercedes

While we were waiting in the Plaza de la Iglesia for the start of the procession, another celebration was happening nearby. Guests were gathering awaiting a bride and groom who were having their pictures taken in the castle grounds.
Also noticeable was this fantastic classic or vintage Mercedes wedding car, absolutely beautiful.
We were looking on when one of the guests, a lovely lady from Olvera introduced herself, saying that she was a regular reader of the blog and wanted to say hello, which was really nice. We did formally introduce ourselves but I regret that I didn't make a written note of your name to mention here, my memory is unfortunately fading with old age, and we didn't like to interrupt the proceedings to ask you again. My sincere apologies.

A different perspective. Wow !!.


Dan said...

For car fans..
1954 - 300 series / 6 cylinder and fitted with mechanical fuel injection. Fog lamps must of been added at a later date.

Alan and Anne said...

Brilliant as always Dan. You are a mine of fantastic information and thanks again for your input.
Speak soon.