Saturday, 6 February 2010

Sunny days

Depending on which temperature indicator you looked at, 16°C (Calle Llana en la sombra) and 24°C (Calle Bellavista en el sol), it was lovely to stroll out and sample the warmth that we normally associate with early spring, though I hasten to add we still have a few weeks of winter left yet.
Looking up at the Church from Calle Carmona.

The lovely palm tree on the corner of Calle Almeria.

At the bottom of town is Calle Vereda Ancha, here looking up to the Monumento al Sagrado Corazón watching over the town and below, an area we refer to as the beach, showing the remains of the rain we had yesterday.

We walked on to the Plaza de la Concordia and sat enjoying the warmth of the sun for twenty minutes or so before moving on home.

The Plaza del Ayuntamiento through the arch at the junction of Calles Llana and Maestro Amado.

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