Sunday, 21 February 2010

Fiesta, fiesta, fiesta

Regrettably, due to the inclement weather this week, we have not attended as many of the Carnaval events as we would have liked. However, we were determined not to miss the final day today.

Normally there is a large procession through the town but unfortunately due to the rain this was cancelled so we went into town to see what was happening. It wasn't too long before we came across this colourful group parading through one of the streets.
This "young lady" was happy to pose for a picture.

We wandered around for a while coming across various groups in a variety of imaginative disguises.

One of the Chirigota bands that we came across in one of the bars we stopped off at.

The Olvera branch of young farmers.

We met up with these two young ladies in the Bar Dolce Vita.

After an hour or so, we headed to the Pabellón de Festejos (Pavilion of Celebrations) on the Recinto Ferial (Fairground) where everyone appeared to be partying.
This young chap was imaginatively dressed as a soccer boot.

Our lovely neighbour and friend Mari Carmen with her proud son Paco.

There were so many individuals and groups, all dressed in fabulous costumes and make-up, it was difficult to decide which pictures to put on the blog. So I hope the following give a little flavour of the fantastic atmosphere within the tent.

A great band were playing on stage keeping the enthusiastic audience entertained.

These "ladies" were representing the gym club of Olvera and were happy to give a demonstration of their fitness skills.

Another group of lovely ladies who kindly posed for a picture.

A high ranking Church official with his entourage of body guards.

Lara, the pretty daughter of our friend and other neighbour Mari Carmen.

Absolutely brilliant. Thanks to the lovely people of Olvera who live life to the full and know how to party, regardless of the weather. A special thanks to all who kindly posed for pictures, I hope that I've done you justice.
On days like this, you bring so many smiles and such happiness into our lives.

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