Sunday, 14 February 2010

Las Chirigotas

My favourite event of Carnaval week is when the Chirigota singing groups rotate through the plaza's in the town, singing their humourous, satirical and politically incorrect songs, dressed in outlandish costumes and generally having a good time.
Today was no exception. The first group we saw were " La Villa de los Sueños" (The Village of Dreams) who were passing by close to our house on their way to perform at the Plaza de Andalucia and who struck up a song just for us.

Their singing and harmonies were brilliant and a real credit to the time and effort that these youngsters had put in. I hope the following video conveys some of their talent.
Regrettably, due to known problems with the Blogger Video Uploader, I have removed the video due to it being continuously unavailable to view. It is frustrating for me to keep editing and re-publishing this post to ensure it is available to viewers, only for it to be unavailable again after a short period of time. My apologies but I hope if you have managed to see it, you have enjoyed it. Hopefully, the fault will be fixed in the near future.
Meeting up with our friends Pauline and Jim, we sat in Bar Mi Pueblo and enjoyed more of the groups humour and songs.

Shortly after, another group "The Villa's People" arrived and started their performance within the bar itself.

If I didn't know better, I'd think these guys had seen me around town and were taking the proverbial....!!. Funny how they seemed to know my name.
Their theme was the "Guirris"(foreigners or tourists), their good humoured songs and costumes parodying the influx of foreigners into Olvera and reflecting the changing culture of the town.

Again, they were brilliant and really good fun.

We left the bar at about 4.30pm thinking that we had seen all the performers. However, on the walk home and passing by the Patio Bar we heard more music so we popped in and came upon the third Chirigota group " El dia de mi primera Ostia", dressed in fetching communion gowns.
We recognised a few faces within the group and again thoroughly enjoyed their performance.

A brilliant afternoon and we hope to catch up on more fun events throughout the week.

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