Saturday, 13 February 2010

Misty day

Out for a walk at 3pm this afternoon on a what has been a wet and misty day with temperatures at a chilly 6°C, so just a few pics peering into the greyness.

There are a couple of stray dogs around at the moment that we try to give a few biscuits to when we see them and this is one of them, a wire haired Podenco type dog. Unfortunately, despite Anne's and the best efforts of others that we know of, it's impossible to get close to them as they are so wary and frightened of people.

Looking up to the Telefonica tower, I think !!.

Calle Bellavista.

The scene at Plaza de Andalucia where tomorrow we hope to see the Chirigota singing groups performing as part of the Carnaval in Olvera. It starts tonight with the coronation of the goddess and her nymphs and continues with various events throughout the week.
Hopefully, the weather will improve a little although the forecast isn't that good.

Looking at the Ayuntamiento and above it, barely visible, the outline of the Church.
Brrrrr. Time to get back under the warmth of that blanket!.

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