Saturday, 20 February 2010

Dare we hope.....!!

Yesterday, the forecast for today was cloud, rain and generally miserable. So it was a pleasant surprise to wake up this morning to bright sunshine and reasonably warm temperatures of about 11°C.
Dare we hope that winter has passed....I don't think so but a lovely day to get out and enjoy the sun.

So just a few pictures taken this morning on a stroll through the market and onwards to our second home, the bank.
Here, looking north in the direction of Pruna.

Just playing around with a black and white image of the Church that dominates the town.

The view today from the front of the Church.

This lovely old dog, who normally always barks at us when we pass by his house, was too warm to make the effort today.

Fingers crossed, the weather will stay fine for tomorrow's Carnaval finale, the procession from the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

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