Sunday, 2 June 2013

Kathie and John's 50th

We had the pleasure today of attending the 50th wedding anniversary celebrations of our lovely friends Kathie and John.
A happy day in 1963 and below just as happy now, 50 years later. 

Kathie and John's beautiful home is in the small hamlet of Los Villalones with guest accommodation available here should you feel like a relaxing, stress free "get away from it all " break in a stunningly beautiful location.

Amy, their lovely daughter in the hat and below Amy's son Tom with fiancé Emma and future mother in law Janet.

 We sat with old friends and new ones, chatting over a leisurely lunch and enjoying the delicious selection of curried dishes. 

 The paparazzi gathered for the cake cutting ceremony.

 A lovely day with lovely people and as always John, Kathie and Amy  were exceptional and very welcoming hosts. We are so lucky to have such friends.

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