Saturday, 15 June 2013


Today, we had to undertake the daunting trial of renewing our ITV (in the UK MOT), a bi-annual traumatic experience undertaken at the vehicle inspection centre in Ronda. We arrived with plenty of time to spare and reported to the desk to confirm our online appointment and then waited for our car registration to appear on the electronic noticeboard. 
 The system here in Spain is very different from that in the UK. You remain in your car and proceed through a series of test area's while the inspector at machine gun speed shouts instructions.......lights, indicators, brakes, hazards, hence the need for our lovely friend Inma's presence, to interpret far quicker than my ageing brain can respond.
 The whole process takes about ten minutes and relieved us of €38,56.
 Phew, passed!!. Legal again for the next two years with enormous gratitude to Inma. 

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