Saturday, 9 July 2011

Las Cabezas de San Juan

Yesterday, in the company of our friends Dan and Alison, we drove west to the pueblo of Las Cabezas de San Juan, primarily as it is the starting point for when I shortly join up with Bob Carr for a stage of his walk through Spain.
Parking wasn't easy but eventually we found a space and began a walk to the top of town, heading for the Church that we had seen as we drove in.

This impressive tiled plaque, with a physique that (in my dreams) I aspire to, advertised the Health Centre.

After a short while we came to the Plaza de la Constitución with the Ayuntamiento building behind the statue dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the centre of the plaza.

A short distance from the Ayuntamiento was the beautiful facade of the Iglesia de San juan Bautista, built in 1762 on the site of the former town castle.

The frontage was similar to that of the Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación in Olvera although, dare I say it, in better condition.

A pleasant seating area and viewpoint opposite the Church.

A colourful house on a side street.

The Casa de la Cultura.

Clearly, we didn't do Las Cabezas justice on this short visit as I'm sure that there's much more to see. Perhaps another time though.

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