Thursday, 21 July 2011

ITV....or MOT in the UK

A daunting day today.....the first ITV inspection on our car. We had pre-booked an appointment online and arrived in Ronda at the ITV station about twenty minutes before our appointed time. We registered our presence in the office, paid our fee and waited outside under the loudspeaker awaiting our turn.

After a short time, our car registration number was called and we drove to the rear of the building to start the inspection. Thank goodness we took our friend Inma with us as the mechanic was rapidly giving instructions that we struggled to understand....turn this, push that, shake this, press now . Instructions were coming so fast that at one stage even Inma lost track of what was happening.

However, after about twenty minutes and with some relief, we were finished and collected our window sticker, valid until July 2013.
This beautiful classic Mercedes 220S, built between 1956 and 1959, was also parked outside awaiting its turn.

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