Friday, 15 July 2011

Day of reckoning

Today was the day when I was to fulfil a promise made to Bob to accompany him on a stage of his walk through Spain.

In the company of Anne and our good friends Dan and Alison, we drove to the town of Las Cabezas de San Juan where I met up with Bob and it was with some trepidation, having not done anything like this distance for more years than I care to remember, that we set off for the pueblo of El Cuervo.

Only a few kilometres in but guess what my thoughts were!!.

Initially, it was reasonably pleasant for walking but by about 10'ish it really began to heat up.
We welcomed the cool draught created by heavy lorries as they passed by.
Our first view of Lebrija in the far, far distance, roughly the halfway point of the walk.

Anne, Dan and Alison passing by on their way to no doubt nice, ice cold drinks at a lovely cool air-conditioned venta somewhere.

Most of the pics here are of Bob, primarily because I feel the focus should be upon his fantastic effort in this venture to raise funds for Cancer Research, for which still more donations would be gratefully received, but also because it was as much as I could do to keep a steady hand on the camera and I didn't really want to stop because I could feel blisters developing on my feet.

We walked most of the way on the main A-471 road, diverting onto the A-8151 but on occasion to avoid traffic we also tried the "caminos", tracks that followed the route of the road.

At this stage, the pain was beginning to be felt by way of blisters and sore shins and this scarecrow certainly gives a good impression of the way I'm feeling and perhaps even the style of walking.

Going the wrong way!!.
Can this be true or just a mirage......El Cuervo on the horizon.

Believe me, the smiles hide a lot of pain.

At last, after five hours walking, we arrive at El Cuervo to be welcomed by Anne, Alison and Calcetines and a couple of ice cold beers.

Two very weary walkers.

Distance done by us today - 22kms (13.6 miles) and believe me, every step felt.

Estimated distance done so far by Bob - about 1166kms (725 miles).

Total respect and admiration for a tremendous effort.

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