Friday, 22 April 2011

Procesión de la Vera-Cruz

After heavy rain this afternoon, we thought that tonights procession would be in serious doubt of proceeding. But on seeing robed figures passing our house and heading up to the Church, we decided to join them.

So at about 8.20pm, we arrived in the Plaza de la Iglesia to join the crowds anxiously looking upwards at the dark clouds passing overhead.

We stood for a while in the cold and windy square, wondering and discussing whether it would go ahead but at just after 9pm the Nazarenos appeared from the Iglesia to start the procession.

Then the first of the pasos appeared, supported by sixty or more brothers swaying gently from side to side.

Rain was falling gently as they left the square on their procession through town.

This years processions seem to have been accompanied by bands from more locations than in previous year. On this occasion the "Agrupación musica del Santísimo Cristo de la Buena Muerte y Humildad" of Conil followed the first paso.

These youngsters were in for a chilly night.

The second paso in the procession with the images of Our Lady of Sorrows and John the Evangelist.

The second band of "Agrupación del Musical de El Carpio".

We left the Plaza as the paso descended down Calle Calzado with the intention of coming back later when the procession returned to the Church at about 3am.

However, at just after 11pm, I heard the familiar sounds of music so I walked up to the Plaza del Ayuntamiento just in time to witness the first paso returning.

Clearly, taking into account the unsettled weather conditions, it must have been decided to shorten the route to avoid the threatening rain. Within minutes of taking this photo, the rain started again.

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