Tuesday, 12 April 2011

A new regime....

.......and an activity that I definitely need to take advantage of (see the ever expanding stomach), is the use of the free exercise areas situated in several places within Olvera. So on another beautiful day, I got down to some serious work.

This one in the new park area on Vereda Ancha is the most recent addition so there's no excuse when passing by, as we do quite often, not to take advantage of the apparatus.

Phew, now where's that drink??.

There are a variety of apparatus available for toning different areas of the body so I think I may be using it for quite some time.
Still trying to work this one out !!.
Good also to see that at last repairs to the road surface are being undertaken in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. The surface in the Plaza has been deteriorating for quite a while now and needed to be spruced up.

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