Friday, 22 April 2011

Procesión del Santo Entierro

Under darkening skies, we walked up to the Plaza de la Iglesia to watch the final procession of this years Semana Santa.

As with last nights procession there was a delay in the
scheduled 8.30pm start, waiting for the clouds to pass over.

At just before nine, the Nazarenos appeared so despite the light rain falling it looked hopeful that the procession would go ahead.

After a short while the paso bearing the body of Christ appeared just as the rain became heavier.

The organisers had clearly decided that it was best not to continue and the paso returned to the sanctuary of the Church.

We waited for a while, hoping that the weather would ease a little but it was not to be so we headed for home.

Despite the weather, the "Banda de Humilidad y Pasión" of Baeza and Cazorla marched down from the Iglesia, playing and parading down Calle Llana as they also headed for home

So unfortunately a sad end to the week, particularly so for all those who had worked so hard in preparing for this event.

But well done to the people of Olvera who over the period of Semana Santa have shown tremendous dedication and devotion, not to mention the incredible skill and strength of the "costaleros" who carry the pasos for hours on end and also to the Nazarenos, young and old, who make this event so spectacular to watch.

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