Sunday, 14 March 2010

The Green (no) Way

On another lovely sunny morning, I drove down to the Estación de Olvera (pictured right), now a bar and restaurant, intending to walk a few kilometres along the Via Verde, also known as the Green Way.
However it was not to be as a pleasant young woman, one of the volunteer wardens, advised me that the route was blocked due to landslides caused by the recent rains and that access from Olvera was closed.

So I had a walk around the Estación taking note of the new accommodation blocks that have recently been completed to what looks like a very high standard, in particular the glass partitions depicting views along the Via Verde.

The view north towards Pruna from outside the restaurant.

The newly re-furbished exercise area outside the station building.
The official Via Verde website here gives a lot more information and the options on the left of the home page can be selected in English if required.

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