Monday, 1 March 2010


Anne was busy in the house so on a lovely bright morning I took a trip out on the A-384 towards Bornos, a town about 57kms west of Olvera, about an hours drive. It was my intention to re-visit Bornos but upon arrival a spur of the moment decision saw me turn right onto the A-393, heading for the pueblo of Espera..
After a pleasant drive over rolling hills, Espera appeared in the distance.

I drove up into the village looking for a parking place, perhaps more difficult to find today as it's a public holiday here in Spain. Eventually I found a slot and headed off in the direction of a Church spire that I could see.

The streets, many tree lined, were clean and pleasant with quite a few window boxes and flower pots decorating the many fountains around the town.

The 15th century Iglesia Parroquial de Santa Maria de Gracia, unfortunately closed.

The "Monumento al la Madre" standing outside the Church.

Just around the corner from the entrance to the Church was this pleasant plaza.

Continuing upwards, stopping several times to take a breather, I headed for the castle that overlooks the pueblo. I must have looked slightly lost as, without asking, a very friendly chap kindly pointed me in the right direction.

It was quite a climb to the top but the views over and beyond the town were well worth the effort.

The 10th century moorish Castillo de Fatetar at the top, built on the ruins of a Roman fort, that dominates the town.

Attached to the castle is the Ermita de Santiago, the construction of which started in the 13th century and was completed in 1614.

Unfortunately, this locked gate barred access to the ruins of the castle.
After enjoying the views I headed back down to find the car.

A lovely day for a stroll around a pretty place with friendly people.

The drive back towards Bornos gave a glorious view of the lake (wish I had a widescreen lens), now full after all the recent rain that we've had.

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