Saturday, 6 March 2010

Analogue TV switch off

No doubt, all who live here in Olvera and locally will know that in early April all analogue terrestrial TV transmissions in Spain will be switched off. Programmes thereafter can only be received on Terrestrial Digital Television (TDT) via a TDT box or through an in-built digital receiver on your TV.
However, we hope it may also be of interest to all who are not resident here, who may be puzzled on your next visit that you are unable to receive any terrestrial TV.

The Olvera Town website have just issued a notice here that the signal in Olvera will be switched off during the period 30th March to 3rd April 2010.
There are a variety of different TDT boxes available in many of the electrical shops here in Olvera. We have recently bought one and after a bit of faffing around (no instructions in english - our fault, depends on the make you choose), we now have a great picture and 25 channels, hopefully more when the switchover is complete.
The switch off only affects terrestrial TV via an aerial. UK Freeview and Sky via a satellite dish will not be affected.
We hope the above will be useful to all who look in.


Anonymous said...

This explains the message pushed through my door

Dan said...

The official day will be the 3rd of April according to this link:
(copy & paste]
The Ayauntamiento in Olvera will have a stall available on the 20th of March where the good folk may obtain any information they need.

Alan and Anne Crosskey said...

Yes, many thanks Dan. There will be an information point at the Saturday market on the 20th March.