Tuesday, 7 January 2014

San Pedro de Alcántara

A drive out today to the Mediterranean coast, specifically to the town of San Pedro de Alcántara, situated between Marbella and Estepona, population about 26,500 persons.
Arriving at about 11.30am, our route here, we easily parked near to the centre of the town before heading off to explore more. 
We quickly came upon the Iglesia San Pedro de Alcantara and sat for a coffee in the plaza enjoying the amazingly warm 19°C temperature. 

Enquiring about a town map at an official looking building in the square, we were directed to the Tourist Office not too far away. 

Lots of bars and restaurants were busy in the sunshine as we wandered around.

"Unidos" - united or together, one of many modern art statues around the town 

We enjoyed our wanders around a very pleasant, modern town with very friendly people but after an hour or so we returned to the car and drove to the beach area about a kilometre away.
My trusty travelling companions as always.
Once again, parking was easy. We joined many others just strolling along the beautiful seafront promenade.

Deserted beaches at this time of year with a lovely calm sea just lapping at the seashore.

 Palm tree art and below a stunning statue called "The Ballerina" on the seafont.

 A lovely place to live.....if only that lottery number had come up!.

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