Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Grey and overcast........

 .......but still warmish for the time of year at about 12°C. Here, Calle Carmona and below Calle Pulido.

On Calle Vereda Ancha and below the view of low cloud blanketing the Sierra de Grazalema in the distance.

 Looking up to Vereda Ancha and the peñóns of Sagrado Corazón and the park area of Cerretillo.
The umbrella crop is doing well this year!.
 Calle Teresa de León and below Calle Albéniz.

 Work continues on the new recreation area in Avenida Diputación.
 Avenida Julián Besteiro here and below.

Calle Bruselas just past which is the Plaza de Europa, a great vantage point for views of Olvera pictured below.

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