Friday, 28 January 2011

Olvera Carnaval 2011 - 5th to 13th March

On a dull, damp winter day and after a night of heavy rain, a ray of sunshine appeared in the announcement by the Ayuntamiento of the dates of Carnaval 2011 and the winning design of the Carnaval poster, my favourite fiesta in the Olvera calendar.
The designer is José David Albarrán, a local artist and student at the University of Seville, pictured here with Councilwoman-Delegate of Culture for Olvera, Dolores Rodriguez.
His design is inspired by Picasso, adding additional features typical of the carnival celebrations such as the mask and the whistle.
A schedule of events for Carnaval week will be published shortly.


Russ said...

I really like that!

Anonymous said...

Me gusta, también.
~Bruce (uno de los locos americanos)