Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Off road

Another beautiful day, I would estimate about 14°C. Looking out over the terrace this morning at the track below that passes over the main A-384 road that skirts Olvera, I felt the need to re-aquaint myself with where it went to.

The track starts at the bottom of Calle Vieja, snakes into the distance and is named on the map as Vereda Pileta. I did recall on a previous excursion that it offered stunning views of Olvera, as in the pictures below.

Generally, the track is in good condition. A few potholes, steep in places but quite easy to drive upon and so very quiet out in the countryside.

A tethered mule enjoying the sunshine.

The almond blossom is just coming into bloom.

These wild flowers, that looking on the internet I believe to be Algerian Iris (though I stand to be corrected by greater knowledge than mine) were absolutely beautiful.
The track eventually came to an end at the Olvera to El Gastor road, near to a rest area by the river.

Driving back to Olvera, I stopped at puerto de Cabañas to admire the scenery behind me before turning off onto another track.

After a short drive of about 500 metres I pulled over to take more pictures.

Here looking to the village of Torre Alháquime, about six kilometres distant. Is that another unexplored track I see above it ??.
"And where do you think you've been while I've been slaving in the house !!". My lovely wife Anne waiting for the intrepid explorer to return home.

I couldn't make up my mind which panoramic pictures to leave out of this post so here's just a couple more of the lovely place in which we are so lucky to live.

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Russ said...

I adore your panoramic photos. Everything looks so lush and green. Far different than out experience in August 2009. We're looking forward to a different season this May.