Sunday, 7 November 2010

Feria de Jamón

A 30 minute drive west today to Campillos, to visit the third Festival of Ham and Pork products, of which Andalucia is famous.

We parked in a side street and walked the short distance to the park area in the centre of town, joining the already large crowd of people looking at the exhibits.

Delicious goats cheese of different tastes and textures were on display with lots of samples to taste.

The main theme of the show however was the ham and pork products of the region, again lots and lots of free tasters, all delicious.

Cured hams hanging. Not cheap though at €89,00 (£77.00) each.

Chorizo, morcilla, salchichón and much more were on offer.

There were probably about fifty or more exhibitors including a bread and cake stall.

If all the samples left you a little thirsty, this lady was happily dispensing free glasses of wine.

Chicharrones, seasoned pork rind, gently sizzling in oil.
This chap had an interesting method of producing his artwork, firstly using spray paint to put colour onto his material and then igniting another can to "flame grill" it.

A good few hours out with plenty of delicious tasters on offer, of which we took full advantage of course.
We did however purchase a block of cheese and some biscuits so we didn't feel too guilty.

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