Sunday, 22 January 2012

Views from Pruna Castle

Eleven months have passed since I last visited Pruna castle, puffing and panting my way to the top of the 699 metre peak. So on a lovely morning, I once again felt the urge for more physical punishment, although no doubt some would refer to it as exercise.
Well, nothing much has changed, still puffing and panting as I gently and slowly wound my way to the top but worth the effort just to enjoy the fabulous views all around. Here, the fresh water spring at the start of the trek, unfortunately advising that the water is "no potable", not drinkable.
This derelict looking building, according to the plaque below, houses (or once housed) the mechanism to measure seismic activity in the area.
My target.
There are plenty of rest area's on the route - thank goodness!!.
As I mentioned, the views from the top are stunning.
Looking at the nearby pueblo of Pruna.
A hazy Olvera about 8kms away.
Just resting and recuperating.
The winding pathway back down.
One of several viewpoints along the way.

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