Sunday, 29 January 2012

A sunny Sunday stroll

Sometimes I wonder as I stroll around Olvera taking pictures, whether our blog readers get bored of seeing familiar street scenes, albeit usually at different times of the year. I hope not as I never cease to enjoy my wanderings but please let me know as I am always open to new ideas and new places to visit, both here in Olvera and further afield.
Here, above and below, Calle Garduñera on a sunny day with a temperature of about 11°C.

Calle Nuevo to the left and Calle Francia to the right.
Calle Francia here and below.

After stopping for a while in the Plaza de la Concordia I headed home, diverting off into the park area on the Peñon del Cerretillo.
Views from the park.

A quiet Calle Llana here and in the pictures below.

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Russ said...

Our little abode! I wish we were strolling along C/ Garduñera with you!