Sunday, 8 January 2012

No particular destination

A drive out this morning with no particular destination in mind, just looking to hopefully explore some as yet undiscovered routes near to where we live.
So it was that I drove westward past the pueblo of Algodonales before turning right onto the A-8127 towards the village of Coripe, here seen from a distance of about 6kms.
The road is very windy and passes the Estación de Coripe, one of a number of rest places where refreshments are available along the 36km length of the Via Verde, a disused railway track now used for leisure purposes.
Gathering for a Sunday barbecue in the valley below.
I was not intending to stop in the pueblo of Coripe but as I drove through the spire of the Iglesia de San Pedro caught my eye, in particular the storks nesting on it.
Just after Coripe, I turned off left heading towards the village of Montellano. After about 2kms however, a track to the left presented itself so I headed off to find out where it led. The road surface was driveable but very pot-holed and after about three kilometres I came to a recreation area near to the río Guadalete.

Looking over the recreation area from a nearby bridge before heading off in the direction of Puerto Serrano, pictured below.
A very pleasant drive out and very pleasing to have travelled a route that I hadn't been before.

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