Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Metropol Parasol

A visit today to Seville in the company of friend Russ from Canada, specifically to see the "Metropol Parasol", one of the cities newest visitor attractions.
The wooden structure, apparently inspired by the trees of a nearby park, took six years to construct and spreads itself over four levels.
The basement level displays roman mosaic floors and other artefacts discovered during construction. The upper levels contain an indoor market area, cafes and restaurants, with the top level offering stunning views over the city via a walkway over the top of the structure.
It's worth noting, as it's not very obvious, that access to the roof level is by a lift in the basement area with an entry fee of the best €1,20 I've ever spent.
Anyway, enough of my rambling, apart from adding that it is a truly stunning piece of architecture and a must if you visit Seville. The many pictures here do not do justice to an incredible piece of art and engineering but I hope you enjoy them.

.....and me in the futuristic style lifts.


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Russ said...

I desperately want to visit this when we're back on holiday!