Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Views from the park

A wander into the park today from the Plaza de Andalucia and pleasant to see that a lot of the overgrown ivy had been removed, rock exposed and new plants in the many beds.

The water feature has been cleaned and possibly restocked.

The views from the top are as always stunning, here looking down upon the fairground and the Instituto de Zaframagón (Senior and 6th form UK equivalent school) in the centre picture. Beyond, the low lying smoke from the many olive wood fires in the campo.
Looking south towards the lovely pueblo of El Gastor.

Ready to welcome 2012.
The view to the north.
We're still enjoying lovely, sunny days with the temperature today at about 11°C. Not bad for the time of year though.

Visitors at the top of the castle, enjoying the best views of Olvera and beyond.
Looking down upon the recently installed children's play area on Vereda Ancha.

The Plaza de Andalucia.

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