Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Where Romans once trod

Taking advantage of a sunny though chilly morning and inspired by our friend Javiers blog pics, I drove to the ancient Roman site of Acinipo, about twenty minutes or so from Olvera, near to the pueblo of Setenil de Las Bodegas.
Clearly visible from quite a distance away is the ruined amphitheatre.
Leaving the car at the entrance gate, entry is free by the way, I headed up the gentle slope towards the impressive ruin of the theatre.
The seating area was carved from the rockface and apparently the theatre is still in use today for special events.

Leaving the theatre, I continued uphill to the edge of the escarpment and looked across to the Sierra de Grazalema and the pueblo of Grazalema nestling below its peaks.

I walked onwards and upwards along the edge of the escarpment towards this trig point marking its highest point at 999 metres above sea level.

The sign on the trig point indicates that destruction or damage is punishable by law.

The 360° views were fantastic and well worth the effort.

Looking along the edge of the escarpment.
Olvera visible in the far distance.
Let your imagination run wild and you may be able to see the head and neck of a large cat in the rock in the foreground....or perhaps it's just the windchill thats got to me!!

Leaving the top of the hill, I headed down in the direction of the "Termas"-ancient baths.

I left the site to the grazing sheep and goats before heading home.

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