Sunday, 11 September 2011

A stroll along the Green Way

While Anne stayed at home to watch the heroic defeat of Wales to South Africa in the Rugby World Cup, I took the long overdue opportunity for a walk along the Via Verde.

The "Green Way" is an old disused railway line that runs for 36kms from Olvera in the east to Puerto Serrano in the west.
No vehicles are allowed and it's a very popular route for cyclists. horse riders and walkers.

Looking up to Olvera.

I'm ashamed to say that my last visit was in April 2010 when, after the heavy rains of the previous winter, many stretches of the walk had collapsed due to erosion or disappeared under landslides.

Now all has been secured and repaired.

As always, stunning views along the way.

The "Tuñel del Salado", one of thirty tunnels along the route, presumably closed for safety reasons as the walk has been diverted around it.

After just over three kilometres and with the temperature rising, it was time to turn around and head back.

The end or beginning of the route at the Estación de Olvera.

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